Our story is one born from an ambitious Nigerian girl with a dream. Upon arriving into Canada to study, she noticed the scarcity of quality hair extensions in her city. So! With less than $500, supportive friends and family, a learnt entrepreneurship spirit from her mom and God on her side – Dark Shugharr Hair Extensions was born.

Alexis Ojo (owner) carried out extensive research on competent hair factories and had various studies done on the hair market. This enabled her to understand the needs and wants of the average lady in search of quality hair extensions. No doubt, her mother played a big part in inspiring her to go into business as she herself runs a successful boutique in Lagos, Nigeria.

D.S. Hair Extensions was initially just a platform for Alexis to make a living i.e. paying the bills – but little did she know it would grow to the status at which it’s in right now.

She is convinced that this is a blessing from God and has made it her mission to support other international students in pursuing their dream – as well as to motivate youths in general with a dream to own a brand of theirs someday.

Dark Shugharr Inc (D.S.) continues to grow and the sky is just our starting point. We look forward to a bright future helping individuals we meet along the journey.

Her Fave Sayings..

-With God all things are possible.

– Do what you can with what you have.



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